Brand: Dynaudio
Product Code: SYS362
2 - 3 Days
Price: $1,799.00

The Esotec System 362 component systems combine one
pair each of the MD 102 soft-dome tweeter, MD 142 softdome
midrange, MW 172 woofers and the X 362 crossover
networks into an incredibly refined and ultimately powerful
three-way component system. All mounting hardware and
grilles are included.
The Dynaudio Esotec mobile loudspeakers are perfectly
complemented by the company's various dedicated crossover
offerings. The Esotec component system crossovers are
truly competition grade, using the highest quality components
throughout. Custom produced, hand-selected, top quality
polypropylene capacitors and custom wound, high-grade
air-core inductors are utilized, as are impedance correction
networks and tweeter protection circuits and independent
tweeter adjustment levels for added system set-up flexibility.
Mated to the advanced technology Esotec car series loudspeakers,
the net result is a system that delivers authentic
Dynaudio sound quality with a neutral tonal balance, incredible
imaging and sound-staging capabilities, unsurpassed dynamics
and complete transparency.

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