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Dynaudio has relied on soft dome tweeters for reproducing natural
high frequencies since the company’s origins, having perfected
the soft dome principle. The Esotar tweeter design requires an
extremely time-consuming labor intensive process where the fine
fabric diaphragm is shaped into a dome and then treated with a
special precision coating.
The best material for a tweeter is experience: Dynaudio has earned a
reputation as a manufacturer of the finest high frequency drivers available
with its venerable Esotar tweeters, and the company has incorporated its
most refined technologies into the new Esotar² 110 reference automotive
tweeter – which purely lives up to the Esotar designation by offering the
most accurate, nuanced and detailed high frequency performance in the
world. The Esotar² 110 represents the state-of-the-art in tweeter design
while never exhibiting a shrill or harsh sonic character typical of metal or
exotic material tweeter designs.
The Esotar² 110 tweeter features a specially coated 28 mm (1.1") diameter
fabric dome, an ultra-lightweight voice coil, an extremely powerful neodymium
magnet, and an exceptional CNC-machined metal housing with a
newly-developed damping back chamber. The performance is highlighted
by extremely high power handling, effortless reproduction of dynamics,
absolute clarity, natural tonal balance and incredible resolution. (sold in pairs - no grilles)

Brochure E110 Tweeter (.pdf)

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