6 Inch Coaxial

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    FOCAL VW SPECIFIC COAXIAL SPEAKERS FOR PERFECT INTEGRATION These IC 165VW speakers implement the best of Focal technology: Access cone for a natural sound without colouration, Aluminium inverted dome tweeter for a smoothness and definition, basket with built-in passive crossover an..
    Ex Tax: $317.27 $349.00
  • Focal PC165F 6.5" FLAX 2-WAY
    PC165F Description This coaxial kit is the ideal solution for rear speaker drivers for vehicles equipped with Flax component kits in the front (PS 165F, PS 165FX, PS 165F3 or PS 130F). Indeed, many vehicles only have one location in the rear for a wideband coaxial speaker driver. The PC 165F can ..
    Ex Tax: $315.45 $347.00 $389.00
  • Focal EC 165 K 6.5″ 2-WAY COAXIAL KIT
    TWO-WAY COAXIAL KIT 6½” The EC 165 K kit is composed of two 165 mm (6½”) woofers with coaxial tweeters. Like all speaker drivers in the K2 Power line, the coaxial woofers of the EC 165 K kit are also equipped with Kevlar® cones. These cones are endowed with all the ideal qualities: lightness, ..
    Ex Tax: $499.09 $549.00