4 Inch 2-Way

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  • BLAM Audio 100RS
    100RS Description HI-EFFICIENCY 2 Ω SPEAKER SYSTEM 2 WAYS, 100 MM (4”) WOOFER 100 mm (4”) component In-line 6 dB/oct cross-over ajustable tweeter level : 0 dB or -3 dB   100 mm (4”) woofer featuring a high-quality coated cellulose pulp membrane, combined with peripheral butyl suspens..
    Ex Tax: $271.82 $299.00
  • Focal ES 100 K 4″ 2-WAY COMPONENT KIT
    TWO-WAY COMPONENT KIT 4″ The ES 100 K is an ultra-compact solution with an impressive SPL of 90 dB (2.83 V/1 m) for such a small design. It is composed of two 100 mm (4″) speaker drivers with Kevlar® cones. The famous yellow cones of the K2 Power line are light, rigid and have excellent dampin..
    Ex Tax: $544.55 $599.00
    BMW 4″ SPEAKER SYSTEM The IFBMW-S is a 2-way component kit with 4’’ woofers and tweeters. Designed and Made in France, the IFBMW-S allows BMW® owners to enjoy Focal musicality, which is natural, rich and aerated, while respecting the aesthetics of the car! This kit are suitable for the German ..
    Ex Tax: $571.82 $629.00