Two Channel (Stereo)

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  • Focal FD 2.350 COMPACT 2-CH AMP
    FOCAL FD 2.350 DESCRIPTION The FD 2.350 is a 2-channel model delivering a power of 2 x 105 Watts RMS under 4 Ohms. For a perfect matching, it’s featuring an active high-pass and lowpass crossover. The FD 2.350 can consequently drive a pair of speaker drivers or a subwoofer. Stereo D Class b..
    Ex Tax: $362.73 $399.00
  • Focal FPX 2.750 2-CH AMPLIFIER
    2-CHANNEL AMPLIFIER – 2 X 220 W RMS The FPX 2.750 is a very compact 2-channel amplifier with a power of 2×220 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms. Thanks to its 2-/1-channel mode, its stability at 2 Ohms, the numerous settings and the output lines, the FPX 2.750 is an extremely versatile solution. Its very high ..
    Ex Tax: $544.55 $599.00