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  • ESOTAR² E1200
    The Esotar² 1200 Subwoofer features a unique construction: a massive dual-stacked magnet system powers a large 75 mm diameter aluminum voice coil and MSP cone diaphragm. Dynaudio’s exclusive MSP material provides the ideal combination of rigidity, light weight and excellent inner damping to natu..
    Ex Tax: $1,453.64 $1,599.00
  • Focal SUB30 A4 12" SUBWOOFER
    SUB 30A4 Description The Access 30 A4 subwoofer is a great addition to your car audio installation, it gives your system heightened dynamics and you benefit from powerful Focal sound. It is ideal for use in sealed and bass reflex enclosures. Suggested Enclosures • Compact sealed enclos..
    Ex Tax: $253.64 $279.00
  • HAT Clarus C12SW-D2
    HAT Clarus Series 12" Dual 2 Ohm Subwoofer (each). ..
    Ex Tax: $799.09 $879.00
  • HAT Clarus C12SW-D4
    HAT Clarus Series 12" Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer (each). ..
    Ex Tax: $799.09 $879.00
  • Focal P30F 12" FLAX SUBWOOFER
    P30F Description P30F is a 30cm (12’’) subwoofer designed for a 28.3-liter sealed enclosure or a 40-liter-bass-reflex enclosure. With 400 Watts RMS power handling and a frequency response from 27 to 500Hz. The largest of the other 2 Flax subwoofers, it provides powerful bass without compromise an..
    Ex Tax: $544.55 $599.00
  • Focal E 30 KX 12″ SUBWOOFER
    12″ SUBWOOFER The E 30 KX is a 30 cm (12″) subwoofer with very high power handling. It has an impressive SPL of 86.5 dB (2.83 V/1 m) and a sealed box or bass-reflex type enclosure of 28 to 35L! The E 30 KX subwoofer takes full advantage of the acoustic qualities of Kevlar® cones. Light, rigid ..
    Ex Tax: $817.27 $899.00